Freddy, Foxy, and Bonnie are Here! What You Need to Know!

Hey there, FNAF Fans!

As the holiday season looms ever closer, and we are putting the plushes on the shelves, we want to shed some light on the questions you fine folks have been asking us over the last few months.

First and foremost, thank you all for being so patient and understanding as we all wait for the plushes to go on sale. We ourselves are huge Five Nights fans and want nothing more than to provide more awesome merchandise to our fellow fans.

We’ve had to remain largely silent about the release estimates, restocking dates, and other items over the past couple months as we’ve been working closely with Scott and his legal team to sort out the nitty gritty of the details moving forward. These things, though standard, take time to work out so we appreciate your patience.

That all said, we are now proud to to give you some more information on the Foxy, Freddy, and Bonnie plushes respectively.


Retail and Other Vendors

  • Sanshee Products in Retail: In order to meet demand, we have been working with partners to see our products provided in retail outlets such as Hot Topic and Toywiz. These are legitimate and official Sanshee designs, done through a partner company.

    As an added note, customer service and returns for those items should go through the retailer they were purchased from and not to

  • Bootlegs and Scalpers: There are a lot of bootleggers and scalpers out there who prey on misinformed fans, so be sure to get your merchandise through a legitimate channel such as Sanshee, Hot Topic, etc.

    In order to combat future bootlegging and scalping, we have been hard at work completing the plush line and will be putting up pre-orders that will ensure that more customers can get our products. Our plan is to create a limited pre-order window where customers can be guaranteed their product provided they place their order prior to the deadline. We expect this opportunity to allow us to order around demand and give the highest percentage of people a shot.

    Please keep an eye open for our announcement and details for Chica, Golden Freddy, and the Limited Edition Possessed Golden Fredbear. (We are expecting this announcement in 1-2 weeks)

Plushes on

  • Because we wanted to get these to you as soon as possible, we arranged for a portion of our order to be shipped express to our Seattle office, which is significantly more expensive than the much slower option of sea freight. As a result they will be marked at $29.99 as opposed to their regular price in order to account for that added cost.

    The second, much slower portion of the order will be listed at the regular price.
  • If/when wave 1 of the restock runs out, we will arrange for a second limited wave on pre-order shortly after. We are expecting to receive those plushes in early December, and cannot guarantee their arrival by the holidays.
  • This Foxy/Freddy restock on Sanshee is from the same run as the mass retail plushes as a partner company was used to create them.
  • For this upcoming launch, we will be limiting orders to one of each plush per transaction. We know lots of you need to get multiples for friends and family for gifts, but we want to try to give more fans a chance to place their orders.
  • Because we are expecting a lot of orders at once, please be aware that our shipping times may be delayed. We plan to begin shipping this current batch on Monday, November 16th.

It has been a privilege to make merchandise for a franchise with so many passionate fans, and as fans ourselves we’re excited to continue producing more neat stuff for you. We appreciate your patience, and are undeniably motivated by your passion. From all of us at Sanshee, thanks for being great and stay tuned for the next exciting announcement!


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