Holiday Shopping and Shipping

Lots of you are shopping for friends and family this time of year, but as we get ever closer to Christmas and other gift-giving holidays, we understand you want to know if you’ll get your orders in time for big events.

Here’s a little breakdown of what you need to know.

Orders are at an all-time high, which means that we’re seeing typical holiday season processing delays. While most of the year our average processing time is about three business days, right now it’s averaging five to seven business days. That means that you can expect your order to ship about a week after the order is placed.

After that, depending on where you’re at and the shipping service you choose at checkout, shipping times can vary quite a bit.

For domestic shipping within the United States, USPS First Class generally takes about five business days assuming no delays due to weather or high volume. Priority takes about two to three days. UPS Ground averages about three to six business days to deliver.

International orders is where this gets tricky. According to USPS, the average time for delivery to most international destinations is 2-3 weeks. However, the customs process is unpredictable and out of our hands as retailers, and some regions’ customs processes may take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks.

Long story short, at this point we cannot guarantee that orders placed for international destinations will arrive in time before December 25th. Orders within the US will likely be alright if placed as late as December 11th, assuming all goes smoothly after the package goes into the hands of the selected postal services.

Here is the breakdown given by the USPS on shipping deadlines. For more information on our shipping process, check out our shipping policies and FAQ pages.


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