Holiday Shipping Update

Greetings Friends, 

We here at Team Sanshee wanted to take a few minutes and talk about Holiday shipping this year. By now, many of you are likely aware of, or perhaps have even experienced, the fact that mail seems to be moving more slowly right now. It’s certainly not your imagination. Parcel delivery, both public and private, are experiencing record amounts of mail this year. Coupled with covid-related delays, along with an under-staffed and overworked postal service, it is resulting in significant delays in package delivery all over the country.

We know that many of you have been feeling the effects of these delays. We here at Sanshee have felt the effects as well, as shipments of products have also been delayed. We know that it can be frustrating not knowing when your packages will arrive, and as much as we wish we had an easy answer to the problem, we’re all in the same boat. All we can do is ask that for your patience and understanding as we all get through this together.

It’s not an easy ask, especially given how stressful this year has been for so many, but we think that makes it even more important than ever to show kindness and understanding where and when we can. So, just know that we’ll keep doing everything we can to get your packages to you, even if they arrive later than expected. And if the opportunity presents itself, maybe throw a little love to your local postal workers and parcel delivery drivers, because we guarantee they want you to get your stuff just as much as we do. In the meantime, however, we hope all of you have a happy, healthy, holiday, and a very (very, very) happy new year. 

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