It's That Time Again

Well, another year has gone by here in the good old Sol System, which means that N7 Day has come once again. Of course, your pals here at Sanshee couldn’t let the day go by without doing something to celebrate, so we’re delighted to bring you some treasures old and new to help ring in the galaxy’s favorite holiday!

Official Mass Effect Collector's Plush & Pin

For starters, we have our much-beloved Grunt Collector’s Plush & Pin, which is always a delightfully cuddly companion for all your late-night snack runs (He loves to carbo-load.)

Official Mass Effect N7 Elite Medal, Paragon Medal, & Renegade Medal

But if you’re looking for something to liven up your pin boards, bags, and jackets, while showing your alignment or your elite status, we have just the things: The return of our Paragon and Renegade Medals and our N7 Elite Medal, back by popular demand!

Official Mass Effect Baby Krogan Pillow Plush

But what about those of you who already have your little tank-bred buddy and all of our stunning medals? How will you celebrate this year? Never you fear, because we have a bevy of brand new Mass Effect goodies just for you, starting with our Baby Krogan Pillow PlushThat’s right, you may have Grunt, but now you can get an even cuter Krogan pal to keep you company while giving you a delightfully soft place to rest your head after a hard day of fighting galactic threats.

Official Mass Effect Varren Plush

And if you’re worried about them getting lonely, well, we’ve got a perfect solution. Our ferociously cute Varren Plush is ready and waiting to guard your home from all manner of threats.

Official Mass Effect Thane Krios Collector's Plush & Pin

Of course, if you’re looking to expand your team from the Normandy, we’ve got that covered too, with TWO new friends. First up, the most dangerously adorable assassin from here to the Terminus Systems: Thane Krios. Yes, our Thane Krios Collector’s Plush and Pin are ready to become a member of your personal strike team.

Official Mass Effect Liara T'Soni Collector's Plush & Pin

And last, but certainly not least, we are pleased as punch to introduce our Liara T’Soni Collector’s Plush and Pin. The first of our new Collector’s Plush designs, this premium plushie is prepared to push the boundaries of cuteness technology. But don’t worry, though she is the Shadow Broker, your secrets are always safe with her.

So head on over to our Citadel Gift Shop, and make this N7 Day one to remember!


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