Live Deliciously

And if you're not quite sure how, well, we know a few friends who can show you the way. That’s right, we’re back to whet your appetite for Rain World with another slugpup, and this time the Official Gourmand Slugpup Plush has come out to play (between meals.) So if you’ve been hungering for a snack-time companion, then do yourself a favor and let this delightfully round rapscallion roll into your life. Though once they get rolling, they can be hard to stop, so you may want to invest in a lizard or two (or three) to help cushion any falls.

And if you’re looking for a little something sweet after the main course, check out our Slugmallow Mini Pins for a cute little treat you’ll never need to feel guilty about. So save room for dessert and pick yours up today!

Rain world


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