Sanshee's Saturday Morning Cartoons Event!

On Saturday, January 21st, Sanshee will be hosting a morning/day of cartoons to celebrate season 2 of Voltron releasing. Come hang out with us for a day of robots, pajamas, cereal, waffles and drinks as we watch the 2nd season of Voltron!


Sanshee is located at the Prudential Building: 114 Alaskan Way S, Ste 100, Seattle WA 98104.

Parking may be difficult due to our downtown location. There are parking lots in the area and there is street parking; if possible, come early to have a better chance at something close. We are a few blocks from the Pioneer Square Station, and even closer to the Seattle Ferry.



The event will start at 10AM PST and will end once we’re done with season 2 of Voltron.


Employees of Sanshee will be bringing a variety of things. We’ll have multiple kinds of breakfast cereal (all terribly sugary and probably not healthy for you, so if you have a specific request/want please let us know in the google form in advance when you RSVP.) There will be fruit, waffles, milk, along with supplies to make mimosas, among other things. Additionally, pizza will be ordered around lunch time or so.


This is an inclusive event. Sanshee will be providing nametags so you can write your preferred name on it, as well as preferred pronouns. We ask that everyone who attends this event is respectful of those who attend. We will need you to also fill out the Google doc with as many details as possible.


Yourself! You can bring others so long as it is written on the Google doc, so we know how many people to expect.  Also, as this is a cartoon/morning party, please feel free to wear pajamas! Many of us will be in kigus or pajamas as the case may be, so please feel free to join us. We also ask that if you can bring a side of some kind; please feel free to and let us know in the doc what you may be bringing so we can plan accordingly. We understand if you’re unable to do so and will be providing food/drinks regardless of what is brought.


  1. I can’t have milk/can’t have sugar/have a dietary restriction! If you specify what dietary requirements you have, we are happy to accommodate as best as we can. We’ll have a variety of things in advance but knowing what to plan for will help us.
  2. I don’t know anyone who will be attending! That’s fine! Most of Sanshee will be there from before it starts until a little after it opens. We’ll have nametags and will likely set something up so you can find people who have the same interests as you, too. We will be going through and introducing people to each other if they would like, so no one feels uncomfortable.
  3. I can only attend for a short amount of time! That’s fine! Some of us will be spending part of the day working or doing other things with friends and family elsewhere and joining later. Please feel free to drop by whenever you can.
  4. I am afraid of spoilers! We realize this might be the first time some of you have seen S2 since it will have only recently dropped. We ask people keep spoiler talk to a minimum to make sure that people who haven’t seen it are able to without being spoiled.
  5. I cannot believe you’re having a Saturday morning cartoon event and haven’t mentioned a pillow fort. I know, right? Don’t worry, we’ve already started talking about how to make this happen, we take Saturday morning cartoons very seriously. 
  6. I have a Voltron cosplay and want to show up in costume! YES PLEASE? If enough people A) show up and B) want to do costumes, that is totally awesome and others will happily join. Feel free to email and we can coordinate. 
  7. I have a question not addressed here! Please feel free to email with any questions that you may have regarding this. I’m happy to address anything that comes up.

We hope to see you there!


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