Happy International Women's Day! To celebrate, we wanted to take a moment to talk about the women here at Sanshee who make this company what it is!
I'm Sarah and I currently do operations management for Sanshee- basically, making sure things run as smoothly as humanly possible! I grew up immersed in fandom, writing fanfic, RP. One of my favorite parts of being involved in the community is being able to meet so many people who create in any capacity. Some of my favorite fandoms/things are: CATS, Star Wars, Halo, cats, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, MCU, Red vs Blue, Tamora Pierce books, and cats. I've been going to conventions and gaming  since I was 16 and I always hoped I'd be involved in the gaming industry in some capacity - now I am. 
I'm so, so proud to be a part of a company where we have so many great women who are so passionate about creating great merchandise, and interacting with our fans in such a fantastic way. Some of our staff members you may already know, either from contact through social media, meeting at conventions, or just assisting you with orders. Personally, though, I just want to recognize some of the women who work for us. 

 Alisha P. - Alisha serves as our Office Manager and my right hand (wo)man, making sure that I stay on track, and that the rest of the company keeps rolling when I'm swamped, or away from the office. Alisha's the backbone of operations, social media and a thousand other things, and we wouldn't be nearly as organized as we are today without her. Day in and day out, Alisha is always a cheerful attitude, ready to do what needs done and keep everyone continuing forward. 

Hello, I'm Alisha! I do a lot of the office-y things around here, as well as oversee social media. When I'm not working, I play video games, write, play tabletop RPGs, and participate in various fandoms. I'm also learning how to paint, and am fantastically bad at it! I'm the awkward lawful-good character of the team. 


Adrienne C. - Adri, as our Convention Coordinator is a critical component of our con staff, was a happenstance meeting at ECCC through the Dragon Age fandom. Genuinely one of the nicest, hardest working people I've ever met, I feel lucky every day that we have her to ensure that conventions go as smoothly as they do. With her addition to the company, we've been able to extend our reach further and make sure that all of the tricky parts of conventions are handled with care and precision.

Hi! My name is Adri, and I coordinate a lot of the logistics that go with attending conventions year round all over the world. This includes things like packing lists, shipping, expense/sales reports, and working the cons themselves. My main hobbies are video games and tweeting pictures of my cat. My love of The Iron Bull is something of a joke in the office, but I happen to consider it a higher calling.

Alexa N. - Alexa, or Raco as she's called at the office, is a newer addition to the team. Added through slightly unconventional means, first by helping out and then becoming full staff, Raco's duties tend to fluctuate as need changes, from convention packing to doing art for us, doodling on packages to other tasks that crop up and she is always there to make sure it's done on time. Her flexibility with what the job requires is something that I really respect about her; things can be hectic but she adjusts flawlessly and makes sure everything keeps going forward.

Eyyyy, I'm Raco, at least that's what everybody calls me which is cool. My job at Sanshee is to pack for conventions, prepare orders, or anything else that needs extra hands around the office! I like to draw weird cartoon anime girls and spend time around arcades, usually in the rhythm game section. I also have a cat, we've been married for 9yrs now.


Morgan H. - I cannot stress how much we appreciate Morgan and all of the hard work she does. She's not located in our office, but instead serves as a public face for Sanshee, attending a majority of conventions for Sanshee. Her enthusiasm for the job, for the people she works with, for our clients and customers is constantly inspiring. I know that whenever Morgan is going to be at a convention that I'm at it's going to be one of the smoothest runs for that convention. 

Hi guys! My name is Morgan and I'm known as one of the Convention Managers at Sanshee. I'm an avid gamer and can talk to you about Bioshock for hours if you'd let me. One of my favorite things to do is look at pictures of giraffes frolicking. They're majestic.


Alexandra T. - Alex is a newer addition to the company, but a extremely vital one. Where we are not always able to attend shows, Alex is always willing and able to step up and do such a fantastic job that I'm always in awe. Conventions can be exhausting work, but Alex is always ready and able to do what needs done even on the shortest notice. In addition to being a valued member of the team, Alex is also a writer, having written Hello World and Bone Diggers.

I'm Alex. By day, a writer; By weekend, I'm saving the galaxy (aka selling cool Sanshee merch at cons). I'm a science fiction author and long time video game lover. My favorites are Mass Effect and Transistor. If there is a kitty in sight, I'm probably trying to talk to it and take it home. You can find me on twitter @AlexandraTauber


We have a lot of great staff in and around Sanshee and daily, I am thankful, grateful and honestly astounded that we have been so lucky to have the diverse group of people that we have working for us right now. With the crew that we have and going forward, I'm excited at the possibilities and where we can go with some of the most talented, driven people in the industry with us. 


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