Foxy is here! Everything you need to know!
Exciting news from Team Sanshee HQ! The Foxy plushes have been completed way ahead of schedule, and they'll be shipped out to their new homes starting this week! Here's what you need to know!  We will begin shipping Foxy pre-orders on May 12, so if you have any changes to make to your order, such as shipping address, please make them ASAP! We're going to fulfill pre-orders first before officially launching the Foxy plushes for regular sale. When all the pre-orders are done, the Foxy plushes that are left will be up for regular sale. Since there are a lot of orders, this may take a couple weeks. If you didn't pre-order the plush separately from all other items, as per the policies, don't worry! You will still get your plush, but your order will be among the last to be filled. If whatever you ordered with the Foxy is no longer available for any reason, you will be refunded for that item, and the rest of the order will be filled. If you placed your Foxy plush pre-order with other pre-order items, the order won't be shipped until all of the items are available.  Please note: We do NOT expect the other pre-order plushes to be done similarly as far ahead of schedule. Chica will most likely be the next plush to be complete, and we'll have updates as we get closer to her release.
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